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October 21st, 2016 • ☕ 3 min read

Wow...just realised how long it has been since I've posted anything. So much for my intention to post a couple of times a week! In all honesty, I just haven't had time to keep it up (excuses, excuses), mainly because I've managed to land a job as a junior software developer! I'm six weeks into the job now and all settled in, so I thought, now  would be the perfect time to start the blog up again.

I'm not sure if anyone will actually read this but, my reason for doing it, if I can inspire just one person to keep going, keep learning and believe, then it is all worth it. By the way, if you are that one person, then make sure you subscribe or keep checking back because over these next few weeks I'm going to concentrate all my posts on what I did and how I actually managed to get a job.

Im still very much a beginner. At this point I won't be posting anything too technical! In fact, no doubt some of you who read this, or some of you that I interact with on Twitter or Facebook, are actually way better coders than me. I've only been learning for 9 months, after all!

Some people will say that I have just been lucky to land the exact type of job that I was looking for. I do believe however, that you make your own luck. After all, the end goal was always to make a career it can't just be luck, surely!

I have had to to make sacrifices to achieve my goal. Iv spent late nights's, banging my head against my desk, staring at error messages, after working a 12 hour shift at my regular job. I've even taken a massive pay cut to get the job opportunity that I have so badly wanted. There has been many times when I've been fed up, felt like giving up and really thought that I was going no where. It wasn't long after I started learning to code that the doubts started to creep in. I just couldn't help but think..."woooah, there is so so much to learn, how will I ever do this, how will I ever be good enough to be employable".  Honestly, I know how you feel!

The point is though, that it IS worth it and in the end it WILL pay off.  It just takes time, perseverance and determination to succeed. We all have different goals and our journey to success will be different, but we can and will all get there. The only real limitation is lack of belief in ourselves!

There are definitely some fundamental things that we will all go through and we all be ask ourselves the same questions. Hopefully, through my blog I will be able to cover some of these topics and hopefully answer some of the questions that we all ask ourselves when starting out. What language should I learn? What course should I do? When should I start looking for a job? Hopefully I can help people answer some of these...or at least give my opinion!

I'd love to hear from anyone else, about your journey and what you are going through so please reach out and drop me an email or message! Also, if you have any questions or you are interested in a specific topic then I'm open to suggestions. In my next blog post I'm going to start right at the beginning and cover a little bit about how I chose the language I wanted to learn and what resources I found helpful for a beginner.

Have a great weekend!

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