Rick West

Dad. Husband. Developer. Heating Engineer. Human.

Majestic Masonite

An introduction to a beautiful, friendly, Python web framework 🐍

Albert Laravel Doc Search

Search the Laravel documentation quickly and easily with this Albert Launcher extension 🕵️

I'm learning Laravel

Why I'm learning Laravel...and why I think you should too!

Jigsaw Clean Blog 📚

I rebuilt my blog using Jigsaw and released my first open source package in the process

Build static sites quickly and easily with Jigsaw

Let’s dive in to Jigsaw — a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers...

Jigsaw — the Laravel Static Site Generator.

My interview with Keith Damiani, Senior Developer at Tighten and Lead Developer on the Jigsaw project. I asked Keith some...

So much to learn, so little time

My top tips for learning, staying motivated, and achieving your goals.

Answering questions is just as important as asking them

We don’t always appreciate it, but giving someone a little time is the most valuable thing we can give them. ⏱️

Why feeling uncomfortable is the key to success

Your comfort zone is a beautiful thing, but you will never grow there. 🌱

Should you be paying for coding tutorials?

To pay or not to pay. Are the best things in life, like coding courses, free?